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Fanfiction/art + discussion about Ben/Riley from National Treasure

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Name:Treasure Geeks
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This is a community for the film National Treasure. Its main focus in on fanfiction, fanart and dicussion of the pairing Ben/Riley. Please don't post fiction/art/discussion if they are not related to this pairing. Thank you.

WARNING: This site may contain material not suitable for children or anyone under the age of 18.

1. Live and let live.
2. Please tag your posts
3. All adult content must be placed behind a cut.

Please tag all entries, whether they're fanart, fanfics, icons or just plain discussion posts. Fanfics should be tagged with "author: (username)", "fanfic rated: (g-nc17)" and "fanfic: (title)". Fanart should be tagged with "art: (ben, riley, ben/riley etc.) "author: (name)" and "art rated: (g-nc17)". Thank you all in advance. :]

Temporary Rule: Many of us are still waiting for Book of Secrets to come out, but in light of the recent US start of the second National Treasure movie, all spoilers for Book of Secrets have to be placed under a cut. And please include the appropriate warnings when posting Book of Secrets-inspired fic or art.

Thank you.

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